September 2023 Holiday Workshops


Avocado Lab 2022 Year End Holiday Workshops!


GEP 2022 Round 2 Crash Course

Why are you running this course?

Avocado Lab rarely run GEP prep classes. Instead, the materials for our P2/3 Math Olympiad classes students are infused with GEP-prep type materials.

But it so happened that Coach Garry is down with Covid and is feeling frustrated in isolation. So he wants to do something good since he is stuck anyway.

Why are your fees so low?

The period before the GEP Selection test is when many centers make a rush to make money off anxious and hopeful parents. They charge exorbitantly, and in some cases, you cannot even see or bring the materials home! The high fees naturally restrict participants to better-off families. We wish to offer every student an experience, regardless of their family background.

What is your track record?

We are a small and intimate center. For 2022, just slightly more than half of our P3 kids passed the Screening Test (Round 1). The % of our students who eventually get into the GEP varies from year to year. It was around 70% for 2020 and 30% for 2021. These are all our organic students. We do not lure students from other centers by offering ‘free’ lessons, nor do we do statistical tricks.

How would you rate yourself against centers that boosts of incredible success rates?

At Avocado Lab, we hope to inculcate a love for math and problem-solving in the kids. Of course we will love to win, and we do have our fair share, but we stress more on the healthy development of the children.

We do not consider our students as mere machines for winning medals, and we also value their privacy greatly. We never cram students. Winning at this age is not as important as happiness.

How can I get a feel of your teaching style before I sign up?

Check out the posts on our Facebook face to get a feel of the vibes at the center.

Avocado Lab Math & Science

What topics will the sessions cover?

The sessions will cover a wide selection of concepts from shortcuts, arithmetic, number theory, combinatorics, logic, common Math Olympiad concepts, visualization, and more. We are confident they are more than sufficient for the math and GA papers.

Unfortunately, there won’t be enough time to cover some English components. Fortunately, we know what the best external materials are, and they are really best done at home. In any case, it is really unnatural to learn vocabulary, etc. in an enrichment setting. It’s something developed over time and cannot be rushed. Besides, does anyone really expect MOE to reuse vocab questions from previous years?

How do I sign up?!

Please Whatsapp 8764-8720

Is it online only?

YES. Because Coach Garry is COVID POSITIVE DAY 0 on 5 Oct 2022. Zoom.

My child cannot make it on certain days/timings

We will record all the sessions and make them available in a Google Drive. Materials will be sent out as PDFs

A Math Circle Experience

For: Typically K2s to P2s

Prerequisites: Ability to perform basic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide)

Date/Time: 19 & 20 Oct 2022 9-11am daily

Coach: Christina

Cost: $160 only for a total of 4 hours

Format: Onsite only. No online option. Maximum class size of 8.


Go on an exciting and fun journey with Coach Christina that go beyond the school curriculum! With problems and discussion topics selected to stimulate students’ creative abilities, participants will develop their problem-exploration skills and mathematical reasoning. 

This is not a typical Math Olympiad workshop.  There will be little about arithmetic skills and definitely no ‘past-year-paper’ questions. Instead, it will introduce mathematics as a powerful tool for encouraging logical reasoning, developing creativity, and enhancing students’ ability to analyze and solve complex problems.

This workshop will also serve as a gentle introduction, and a springboard, to the world of mathematical competitions.

So you want to win Math Olympiads

For: P4s with limited exposure to Math Olympiad

Prerequisites: Good performance in school math and a desire to go further

Date/Time: 17 & 18 Oct 2022 9-11am daily

Coach: Dominic

Cost: $120 only for a total of 4 hours

Format: Onsite only. No online option. Maximum class size of 8.


Many mathematically-inclined students are offered at most “E2K” or school-based Math Olympiad training, which are often slow in pace or are taught by non-engaging instructors.  Hence, many children are deprived of the opportunity to reach their fullest potential or turned off math entirely.

Let Coach Dominic give your child a deeper understanding of the world of Math Olympiads in this lively and highly engaging workshop.

Students who want to pursue excellence will be primed for the upcoming key competitions in primary school.  They will also discover why the ‘most difficult’ PSLE questions are trivial for Math Olympians.

How to Spark a Love for Math and Ignite it!

For: Parents

Date/Time: 17 Oct or 19 Oct 9-11am

Breakfast: Coffee/Tea/Toast provided

Cost: Free for parents of participants of “A Math Circle Experience’ or ‘So you want to win in Math Olympiads”

Format: Onsite only. No online option. Room can hold only 8 pax.


For the first time ever, Coach Garry will share his experience of how he sparked the joy of math in his own children, from how he created a conducive home environment to the myriad resources that he has discovered over the years.  From this, he hopes to guide parents to better help their children to enjoy the power and beauty of mathematics while scoring well for examinations and contests.


  1. How will you measure your life?
  2. How to create a conducive environment for exploring mathematics?
  3. Training intuition and creativity in young children
  4. Books & Online Resources – What are the must-read titles and what are the duds
  5. Of Math Olympiads – The Wins and the Losses

This 2 hr session over breakfast will benefit parents who want their children to grow up with a love for math, while easily winning contests and breezing through school exams with ease.

We will also discuss the following:

              Recreational Math

              Board games & puzzles that train mathematical intuition

              Why Chinese students dominate the Math Olympiad in primary school and not always beyond

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