Our Story

Avocado Lab was founded by a group of parents who, like any of you, wanted the best for our kids.

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Why Avocado Lab is named Avocado Lab

We wanted a fun, memorable name that will resonate with kids. (and it starts with A like Apple, Amazon or Alibaba) or perhaps it was mere coincidence that Garry had been drinking a lot of Avocado milkshakes around that time. You get the idea 🙂


Garry sees himself as a coach for young talents who are curious about the world around them. His unique mix of theory, practice and creative thinking has helped many of his students excel in various tests and competitions, including the GEP selection test and Math Olympiads.

His classes are often full of discussions about the connections between math, science and the world around us, and heated discussions among students about whose solution is more elegant.

While he seeks to achieve academic and competition excellence for his students, he considers it even more important that his students learn about grit, humility and thinking outside the box. He is also familiar with the MO competition scene and believes in harnessing the best resources and materials available worldwide. He has also conducted robotics and programming classes using the micro:bit and Arduino platforms both locally and overseas.

Garry has 2 GEP kids and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Previously in technology management, he first dabbled in Math Olympiads after having difficulty finding help for his children, and thus decided to do the teaching himself. 

(Garry served in 1st Coy 1 CDO BN. All FHAG members, please identify yourselves for discounted rates)


Christina is a patient coach who believes that every child can excel in his/her own way. She sees every child as a unique individual and hopes to bring out the very best in your child. She will walk through this learning journey with your child with full of fun and excitement.

Christina has been working with children for the last 30 years. She has helped many children gain confidence and improve their grades. She left her 20 years of Banking and Financial career to pursue her passion as an educator. Christina graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Science with Merit. 


Dominic graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Mechanical Engineering, 2nd Upper Hons) in 1997. As a scholar from the Singapore Armed Forces, Dominic served his bond with the Republic of Singapore Navy after graduation. He served as a Naval Officer where he performed various leadership and planning roles in naval operations and warfare.

Dominic left the Navy in 2003 to pursue his entrepreneur dreams. His entrepreneur stints lead him to found various startups in the Health & Wellness industry, bio-metrics and biotechnology domains.

Dominic retired in 2012 to spend more time with his family and to pursue his other interest sand hobbies. Besides taking care of his aged parents and pursuing his varied interests(in guitar, cycling, running, meditation, etc) he spends most of his time with his two young daughters.

In the process, he reconnected with his old passion in mathematics. On the invitation of coach Garry, he began coaching younger kids on Math Olympiad and now finds joy in coaching and igniting sparks in kids.


Crystal is a passionate coach who strongly believes that learning has no limits. Since young, she has been a highly curious and inquisitive girl who would seek answers to her endless queries. She has had experiences teaching preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary levels both in the private and public sector. Besides teaching, she does extensive research in the field of education, developmental studies and psychology. She has also done counselling for children, youths and families from all walks of life.

Crystal has been working with children and youth for more than 15 years. Her experiences gave her holistic insights pertaining to the learning, mental and socio-emotional needs of children. She believes that every child has individual and unique talents waiting to be unearthed. One size certainly does not fit all, hence she prides in being able to customize the learning experiences to suit various learners as well as the learning environment which includes a positive relationship with the coach. Character development is emphasized in her classroom as well.

Crystal is currently a mother of 2 children. She graduated with both Bachelor’s and Masters degree in the field of psychology. During her university years, she was awarded the Golden Key International Honour society for academic and leadership. She has participated in various mathematics and science competitions and remains fervent about them till date.


Marcus has over ten years of experience coaching children of all ages in Mathematics, and English.  Marcus has a knack for gauging the learning ability and uniqueness of each child, enabling him to tailor his lesson plans accordingly thus helping the child achieve positive academic results.

His patient disposition helps him to relate and communicate well with his young charges endearing him to many of them.

Marcus graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree with Double Majors in Psychology.

Bee San

Bee San has been passionate about Math since young. A GEP alumni, Bee San represented RGS/RJC in numerous math competitions (including APMO, AIME and SIMO, winning individual and team awards. She was also shortlisted to the training team to represent Singapore at the International Math Olympiad (IMO).

Bee San graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Applied Mathematics. Before that, she completed an accelerated Mathematics degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with second upper class honours. In her time at NUS, she was placed on the Dean’s List every year and placed on the Vice Chancellor’s List in her final year.

Beyond her own passion in Math, her gift is in teaching and simplifying the concepts so that it is easy for students to understand. Past students have shown significant improvement within a few months and expressed that Math has become their favourite subject!